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HostPapa Review

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HostPapa was established in 2005 as a green web hosting company. HostPapa is a Canadian web hosting company that uses 100% renewable energy resources for their datacenters, servers and even their computers and laptops, thus help fighting the worrying global warming.

In addition to being green, HostPapa web hosting is rich in features. With HostPapa you can host unlimited domains and have unlimited disk space, bandwidth and databases. We all know that there certain limitations that accompany the word unlimited with shared hosting, but we believe that they would be fine with any legitimate usage. If you ever felt that your website is growing too fast and would consume a lot of the server resources, we always recommend migrating to a VPS or a dedicated hosting plan to be in full control of your server resources. HostPapa offers a single shared web-hosting plan and therefore there are no upgrade possibilities available, but most of the websites should be fine with their shared hosting plan.

HostPapa offers cPanel hosting which will help you take full control over your web hosting management needs. Moreover, they offer a free domain name with their hosting plan. However, the domain will be registered on their name so that they can renew it. You can request any change to the domain DNS records and they will do it on for you. In addition, If for any reason you decide to leave their company the domain can be transferred to the domain registrar of your choice. Moreover, if you need to run your website on a SSL secure server you can purchase a dedicated IP address for $36 per year, an amount which is feasible for dedicated IP addresses.

One of the limitations with HostPapa is the lack of SSH access, a feature which is not usually offered with shared web hosting companies due to security concerns.

What we truly like about HostPapa is that their support is available 24/7 through phone calls, chat and email. Contrary to many web hosting companies who outsource their support to foreign countries such as India, HostPapa support is Canada based.

HostPapa continuous commitment to the environment with their affordable, feature rich plan with 30 days money back guarantee and their Canada based support staff makes them a great host to consider. This is why HostPapa is continuously growing with over 50,000 happy customers.