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Google Web Hosting Review

Google Web Hosting or Google Sites is Google’s free web hosting service that allows the users to host, create and customize their websites easily. Google offers a wide range of templates that are built-in to match your website needs. Google categorizes its templates in the following categories:

  • Business & Collaboration
  • Activities & Events
  • Schools & Education
  • Clubs & Organizations
  • Personal & Family
  • Government & non-profits

Also, do you prefer Navy, Olive or Cherry? You will find over 30 themes to customize your website look and feel.  Moreover, you can decide whether you want to make your website available to the public or just to specific people.



Simply and easily, after filling a few fields your website is good to go, with a website URL (restricted to be between 6-30 characters) in the following structure:


Now you can begin inserting text, links, images or videos in a similar way to the way you insert content into a word document. 


Pros of Google Web Hosting (Google Sites)?

  • Google sites is a free hosting service.
  • Fast, simple and easy to use with its user-friendly editing tools.
  • You don’t need to be a web developer to build your site.
  • Customizable look and feel with dozens of pre-built templates.
  • It is an Ads-free service.
  • Google sites allow you to create unlimited number of sites.
  • Best suited for small project teams to collaborate.

Cons of Google Web Hosting (Google Sites)?

  • Maximum Site quota of 100MB/site
  • Google sites doesn’t support any scripting or programming languages.  You cannot even use JavaScript or frames.
  • Google has the right to take down your content (for breaking their Terms of Service).
  • The sites.google.com domain prefix wouldn’t help the people take your website seriously.

If you want to overcome the cons of Google Sites, we highly recommend one of the following affordable and feature-rich web hosting services: