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Bluehost Review

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BlueHost Control Panel
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BlueHost Chat Screen
Special Offer : Get it for $5.95

In our search for the perfect web hosting company, we had to test and review Bluehost. Bluehost is one the few web hosting companies that offers a Live Demo Login that allows the customers to see what Bluehost has to offer before purchasing a plan. However, we have signed up for an account at Bluehost to get full advantage of the tools they offer in their plans.


We have signed up for Bluehost Professional Web Hosting plan for $6.95. The ordering process was pretty easy and straight forward. The account plan can be for 12, 24 or 36 months. The plan offers unlimited space, emails, bandwidth and most importantly domain Hosting. With unlimited domain hosting, the user can easily host multiple domains on the same account. The plan comes with a free domain name registration (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us).

Bluehost employs a resource management solution that would prevent any account on the shared hosting account from abusing the system with the consumption of too much CPU, memory Disk I/O operations.  With such a solution, the loading time of any website will be consistent over time with no ups and downs.

Bluehost Linux based OS offers CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL support with the possibility of setting custom PHP.ini files. With Bluehost, SSL is supported and there is a possibility of enabling SSH access if the customer sends a copy of the account holder's government issued photo ID.

Control Panel

The control panel of Bluehost is one of the most intuitive control panels that we have seen. It allows the customer to take full advantage of cPanel while being able to navigate to other Bluehost management features such as upgrades, Domain Management, profile and billing.

cPanel is a well known control panel that offers all the web hosting features in a well presented and professional way. From there you can manage your databases, mail, preferences, files, logs, security, domains, software, advanced services and even take advantage of the AdWords promotional credit that Bluehost offers with their new web hosting accounts.

The domain manager allows you to register, transfer and manage your domains.

In addition, Bluehost has a paid anti-spam service called Postini which is extremely useful if the email address receives many spam emails. The service blocks spam, viruses, phishing, and email threats. This service costs $1 per month per user account.

Moreover, one can easily order a dedicated IP or SSL certificate for his ecommerce website.

Having the cPanel, Billing and Domain Management at one place is a great feature that distinguishes Bluehost from the rest of the web hosting providers.


One can usually expect a super excellent support from Bluehost. The support staff is located in the US, very knowledgeable and offers support through their toll free numbers, chat and even through their twitter account. I have logged into a chat session, asked about the free domain name, whether the company has any other hosting plans and whether they offer any Facebook advertising credits? The employee gave prompt and accurate responses in a friendly manner.


Bluehost may appear a bit expensive at the beginning, but from the features and the level of the professional support they offer, we believe they remain one the best web hosting choices that one can choose.

Bluehost generally receives excellent reviews from the users worldwide, please share your Bluehost review.