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HostGator is Acquired by The Endurance International Group

It is now confirmed that HostGator was sold to EIG (The Endurance International Group)!

After acquiring Bluehost, Fatcow, Netfirms and FastDomain, EIG has finally acquired HostGator; one of the largest web hosting companies in the world.

HostGator Coupons

Most of the web hosting companies have their own coupons or promo codes to help their customers save when signing up for a web hosting plan and HostGator Coupons are no exception. What most people don't know that searching for HostGator Coupons will not help them that much since HostGator will usually apply the best available coupon code when you sign up for a web hosting plan.

Mac Friendly Web Hosting, Really?

Mac Friendly Web HostingWith the increasing popularity of the Mac OS, I have found out that a lot of people are searching for a Mac friendly web hosting. Well, the fact is, probably all the web hosting companies are Mac friendly.

Batman Bin Suparman, Are you trying to fool HostGator?

Web Hosting and Domain Registration companies are generally the targets of spammers or thieves who try to use stolen credit cards to hide their identities and to host warez or copyrighted material. 

The pending department requests the IDs of suspected individuals in an effort to stop the fraudulent orders from being processed. The following screenshots are some funny examples of fraudulent IDs the pending department at HostGator has received from different individuals all over the world:


The best way to transfer your files to your server

The web developers continuously suffer from long waiting times and disrupted connections while transferring their files to their hosting servers. The FTP clients such as FileZilla can help manage and better organize the file transfer process. However the presence of a large number of files can still increase the risk of failure during the transfer. 

cPanel Hosting

When hosting a new website, one of the most important factors to consider is the web hosting control panel.  Some web-hosting providers develop their own control panels, while the rest offer one of the hosting software packages such as cPanel, Plesk or H-Sphere. cPanel is considered the most popular and favorable Linux web hosting control panels and is the number one choice for the web hosting users.  HostGator is one of the well-known web hosting companies that include cPanel in their shared hosting plans.

Hosting your CMS

There are literally hundreds of thousands monthly searches for using searching for web hosting providers for their CMS (content management systems). The most searches are for WordPress Hosting, Drupal Hosting and Joomla Hosting.

LaunchPad - HostGator new domain registration service

HostGator is considered one of the world's largest Linux web hosting companies with over 7,000,000 domains hosted. HostGator so far has been handling the domain registration for their clients through eNom.

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