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Drupal for Government Infographic

Drupal is currently considered the choice of preference for most of the governmental and intergovernmental agencies. It is currently being used by over 24% of US government agencies and by hundreds of governmental agencies worldwide. The United Nations, World Bank, prime minister of Belgium, prime minister of Australia and Queen Rania of Jordan websites are among the top users of Drupal.

Acquia has published a great infographic which shows how Drupal Rules Government. 

Delete all webform results in Drupal

I have faced a problem when I have trying to delete a huge number of records (more than 10,000) that are submitted in the webform at once in Drupal 7. Every time I tried to clear data; I was redirected to a white screen and the deletion was never executed. Increasing PHP memory limit and the max_execution_time didn’t help.

In order to solve this problem, I had to directly deal with the database tables. The tables in question are: 

Making Backups of Drupal site using Backup & Migrate Module

Too many times, the feature of automaticly backing up the website is requested from the web developers by their clients to prevent any accidental damage or loss of data. The backing up process is usually done through the backup utilities which are available in most of the hosting control panels or through custom scripts which are programmed to specifically achieve this task.

Print taxonomy terms without links in Drupal 7

In Drupal taxonomy terms are displayed by default as links to the teaser views. Sometimes, the links themselves are not relevant within the context of the content and you need to display the taxonomy terms as pure text.

Say in your node--doctors.tpl.php you need to display all the doctor specialties. The doctor specialties machine name in the doctors content type is field_doctor_specialities and it is a term reference for the taxonomy vocabulary “doctor specialties”.

Drupal: How to limit the filtration of the view to the exposed filter even if there is a contextual filter set?

In one of my Drupal websites, I had to set a contextual filter on a view based on a parameter which is passed through a link. The view itself has an exposed filter and the client didn't want the results in the view to be limited to the contextual filter value. Instead, he wanted the exposed filters to be the only method of filtration once used.

To be able to overcome this problem and with the help of a trick I knew about through Drupal forums, I had to add a validation criteria for my contextual filter.

I choosed PHP code as the validator and added the following PHP code:

WordPress, Drupal or Joomla? Which CMS best suits your needs?

One of the most important steps that a user needs to make before building a website is to choose the right web development platform to build upon. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal remain the most popular content management systems that are currently available, but which one of them best suits your needs?

Hosting your CMS

There are literally hundreds of thousands monthly searches for using searching for web hosting providers for their CMS (content management systems). The most searches are for WordPress Hosting, Drupal Hosting and Joomla Hosting.

Uploading, Embedding and Playing Videos in Drupal

Embed Video Today, and while I was working on a Drupal site for one of my clients, I have gone through the problem of uploading and displaying local and remote videos on the same view. After asking a question on Drupal forums, I was able to understand what exactly needs to be done. I hereby share my experience in this topic with you.

The Required Modules:

Drupal views exposed filters submit to default site language

Today, and while working on a multilingual Drupal site, I have gone through the problem that my view exposed filters form always submit to the view in the default language of the website.

The exposed filter would always submit to the default site language

Drupal and SEO

Drupal is considered one of the best content management systems that are currently available. One of the factors that makes Drupal a great CMS is the fact that it is very good for SEO.

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