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cPanel Hosting

When hosting a new website, one of the most important factors to consider is the web hosting control panel.  Some web-hosting providers develop their own control panels, while the rest offer one of the hosting software packages such as cPanel, Plesk or H-Sphere. cPanel is considered the most popular and favorable Linux web hosting control panels and is the number one choice for the web hosting users.  HostGator is one of the well-known web hosting companies that include cPanel in their shared hosting plans.

The number one reason behind cPanel Hosting popularity is cPanel ease of use. It offers great set of web hosting management tools in a simple and clear manner. Its tools are categorized into: Preferences, Files, Databases, Mail, Security, Logs, Domains, Software/Services and advanced.

cPanel Hosting UI

cPanel Hosting Preferences

From here, the user can easily change his cPanel password, style of the cPanel and the language of the interface. In addition, if the user is a beginner in the field of web hosting, cPanel has a number of “Getting Started” guides as well as video tutorials that covers different aspects of web hosting.

cPanel Hosting Files

cPanel file manager is by far the best file manager that we have dealt with. By using the file manager, you can easily upload, download, move, copy and delete your files and folders. In addition, you can easily compress and extract your files. The files extraction utility can be a life saving tool when uploading a site that contains a large number of files and folders. Moreover, the file manager contains a built-in code editor with syntax highlighting capabilities.

Besides, the files category offers tools to view your disk space usage, backup your website, manage the FTP accounts and access your web disk. The web disk feature allows the user to navigate, upload, and download files to and from their web server as though they were part of their personal computer.

cPanel Hosting Databases

The databases category allows the users to manage the account databases, the user on the databases and the privileges of each user on each database. In addition, the user can easily administer each database through phpMyAdmin, a tool to manage MySQL databases over the web.

cPanel Hosting Mail

The Mail set of utilities allows the user to manage the email accounts on the domain, set email forwarders and auto respondents. Furthermore, you can control the MX entries of the domain that allows you to set the domain email-hosting servers and determine their priorities. 

cPanel Hosting Logs

cPanel Webalizer and Analog Stats tools provide detailed textual and graphical information about the people who have visited your website. In addition, you can get detailed information about the HTTP, FTP, SMTP, IMAP and POP3 bandwidth on your website domain and subdomains. In addition, the error log is a very helpful tool to know the exact reason behind the internal server errors.

cPanel Hosting Website Usage Summary

cPanel Hosting Security

The security utilities allows the user to protect the website directories with a username and a password, manage the SSH access to your server and prevent direct linking to specific files extensions.

cPanel Hosting Domains

Also, You can manage Subdomains, Add-on Domains and Redirects through cPanel. In addition, you can easily manage DNS Zone A, CNAME and TXT records.

cPanel Hosting Software and services

You can easily automate the installation of web applications on your website with cPanel Fantastico De Luxe. With Fantastico De Luxe, you can install WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Additionally, you can install PHP extensions and Ruby Gems, manage Ruby on Rails applications and view your PHP configuration.

cPanel is by far the best web hosting control panel that we have used, and we strongly recommend choosing a web hosting provider that provides cPanel especially for beginners.